Marina Mariola

Grupo Anrada Administraciones in the Mariola Marina Community

The Anrada Administration Group in the Marina Mariola complex is characterized by its corrupt, interested and mob forms where it uses family and relatives to obtain personal and professional information from owners, tenants and visitors, information used for commercial purposes and, according to its Director Antonio Pulido Ramos, to the "control" of these people, director who has exercised without any degree and without being associated with the activity of Property Administration during the last 15 years.

Currently, Antonio Pulido Ramos has as a cleaning staff in the complex his ex-wife and other members of his own family, members also denounced for theft, professional intrusion, disclosure of professional secrets, crimes against privacy, disclosure of personal data for profit and disclosure of professional data for profit.

His current partner, the notary Amelia Bergillos Moretón, was arrested during the "Ballena Blanca" and "Hidalgo" operations for money laundering.

These facts are repeated systematically in other communities also managed by this company such as Jardines del Príncipe, Gran Bahia, Las Dunas Bahía de Marbella or La Morera Playa. Practices that can be defined as "caciques" and more typical of other times gone by. It also uses privileged information from lawyers, notaries and property registrars for real estate activities, which is mainly its commercial activity, and does not hesitate to use such information as a form of pressure, blackmail and extortion. When some companies and communities have been consulted, we see that the modus operandi of the Anrada Group is clear and repeats: simulate consulting and advice to, once inside and with sensitive material and information of the company, threaten and coerce with complaints and inspections if it is not attended to your interests. Currently, the main asset of the Anrada Group is its "good relations with the City Council" of Marbella and its staff. The first issue is denounced by an alleged case of influence peddling and in the second case, counting in its ranks with unprepared personnel, failed soccer players, former masons and nightclub keepers, these assets of doubtful reliability, we believe that the Grupo Anrada's presence in a company or community can be highly negative. Such personal information and data of owners are commonly used to obtain contracts, favors and support from owners towards certain people to obtain favorable votes in one or another direction, according to the interests of Mr Pulido.

The Anrada Group has always maintained that all the problems of the complex are attributable to Marina Mariola SL - not entirely uncertain - but it should not be forgotten that Antonio Pulido has been for years on the payroll of Mr. Francisco Gutiérrez, becoming a real estate agent of the latter offering their properties in real estate agencies and past clients. At the moment they fall on the Group Anrada, its address and workers, multitude of complaints and denunciations of different nature of which we can enumerate:

- Professional intrusion.

- Unfair administration.

- Crime of concealment of income

- falsehood in annual accounts.

- Unfair competition.

- Revelation of professional secrets.

- Crimes against privacy.

- Fraud.

- Aggravated scam.

- Injury and slander.

- Extortion and blackmail.

- Crime of disclosure of personal data for profit.

- Crime of coercion for denial of services to landlords and tenants.

- Crime of personal and professional harassment.

The last presidencies of the Marina Mariola Community have also been characterized by their negligence and continued crimes, especially those of Luciano Huelga, Alberto López and currently Carlos Benítez Verdugo, known lender and auctioneer in the area denounced by real estate scams and threats, who know the Illicit activities of Grupo Anrada, support and protect it, mainly for economic reasons and not the common good of that Community. Absent presidents who have left their positions and responsibilities in the hands of a corrupt organization and this in turn in a staff without any qualification.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the Anrada Group with Antonio Pulido Ramos at the helm, is being investigated for tax crime and money laundering since the company has diverted funds to accounts in Panama through the Mossack Fonseca office and possibly other destinations.

ANRADA Gestión SL > LAU SA > Office Mossack Fonseca Panama

During the last years, the Marina Mariola building has witnessed a multitude of totally unnecessary works, reforms and repairs by the Community of Owners, works managed by Antonio Pulido with the approval of the Governing Board, both in the complex and in homes private. Works these poorly executed and of doubtful reception that, undoubtedly, will be affected by new repairs in the near future, once again, in charge of the Community. With inflated reports and budgets, unjustified expenses and unnecessary works, Anrada systematically refuses to perform an Account Audit by an independent firm, which justifies a total lack of transparency in accounts and management.


Carlos Benítez Verdugo, affiliated to the socialist party PSOE for the past 40 years and beneficiary of the corrupt management of the Junta de Andalucía during five years through the companies Suministros Médicos Andaluces SL and Carbensur SL, funds some diverted to Switzerland and used in loans to individuals and companies . Mr. Benítez currently offers his "advice" and "contacts on the Board" in a well-known cafeteria in the center of Marbella, where he personally serves the unsuspecting and needy. As a collaborating partner, you have a well-known smuggler of stolen jewels with a store in Ricardo Soriano de Marbella Avenue. With up to 9 properties in Marina Mariola and thanks to the corrupt management of the Anrada Group and related neighbors, Mr. Benítez was elected president of the Community in August of 2017, a fact that could be described as unfortunate considering his "trajectory "personal and professional.


Eternal vice president, hard core of the policies of Anrada and Antonio Pulido and complicit in their corrupt actions for years. Reported by real estate scam during the purchase of apartments B 2 and 202 and currently related to one of the Community cleaners. Mr. Milioni is in charge of contracting works and reforms and the person who receives the works (sic). Information fan - and misinformation - proceeds to designate people for monitoring and follow-up.



The Official Associations of Property Administrators of Malaga and Spain certify that Mr. Antonio Pulido has not registered as registered in said schools nor has he had official registration during the last 10-15 years, membership achieved in recent months.

According to the General Council of Colleges of Property Administrators - Spain in its article 2b, it is an indispensable requirement for the exercise of the profession of Property Administrator: “Join the Territorial College of Property Administrators where the sole or principal professional domicile of the interested party is located, being sufficient for the exercise of the profession throughout the Spanish territory, without the need to communicate your professional practice outside the territory to your Registration College . ”

-DELIT OF HIDDEN OF INCOME-FALSE IN ANNUAL ACCOUNTS “… The administrator commits the crime that does not reflect the actual turnover in accounting. Judgment of the T.S. from 2.11.04… ” For years, it has acted as a “bank” of delinquent owners, specifically Marina Mariola SL promoter and builder of the complex, after paying for its services. These agreements between the Promoter and the Administration are known and accepted by both the President, Vice President and Board of Directors with the consequent inconveniences for the Community and its normal operation. This behavior leads to extraordinary spills due to the "lack of liquidity", producing extraordinary spills in 2016 of 90,000 euros.

- LEAVING FUNCTIONS, - UNFAIR ADMINISTRATION “article 252 CP, generic crime of unfair administration or fraudulent administration. This means that it is not necessarily necessary to administer a society so that the crime of unfair administration is understood to be committed, but that the type is extended to the administration of any other people's assets. "

- PROFESSIONAL INTRUSISM - COLLECTION OF REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS. “… Let us think that the Administrator intervenes in professional traffic individually or through real estate management companies, but in either case he uses employees, assistants, substitutes or collaborators for the execution of the benefit, for which they will be responsible civil subsidiaries of the crimes or offenses committed by its employees or collaborators in the execution of the service contracted by the community. Thus, as the article points out, subsidiary civilians are responsible “natural and legal persons dedicated to any kind of industry or commerce, for the crimes or offenses committed by their employees or dependents, representatives or managers in the performance of their obligations or services ”(art. 120.4 CP) **Art. 56 Regulation of the Interior Regime Marina Mariola ** THE INTERVENTION OF THE EMPLOYEES OF THE BUILDING IN THE RENTAL OR SALE OF PROPERTY OF THE PROMOTION IS PROHIBITED, CONSIDERING A VERY SERIOUS LACK.








- AGRAVED SCAM “…. There is abuse of the personal relationships between victim and fraudster, or take advantage of their business or professional credibility. - COACTIONS, "... unilateral disconnection to the owner of a service or general supply for lack of payment ..."

- SLANDER AND INSULT, “… made by the Administrator of the community without it being known that the assistant community members endorsed the same […], which was intended to transfer to the co-owners a conflictive situation that justified the exercise of certain legal actions by the Community of Owners [...], and that are limited to exposing synthetically the behaviors attributed to one of the co-owners (late payment, inconvenience to other residents ... ”(SAP Madrid of November 13, 2006).

-FRAUD OF DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONAL DATA WITH BENEFIT. «… .. any type of personal data, whether intimate or not, whose knowledge or employment by third parties may affect your rights, whether or not they are fundamental, because its purpose is not only individual privacy, which is the protection that the Article 18.1 of the EC grants, but personal data. Therefore, it also reaches those public personal data, which because of the fact of being so, of being accessible to the knowledge of anyone, do not escape the power of disposition of the affected party because this is guaranteed by their right to data protection. Therefore, the fact that the data is of a personal nature does not mean that only those related to the private or intimate life of the person are protected, but that the protected data are all those that identify or allow the identification of the person, being able to serve for the preparation of its ideological, racial, sexual, economic or any other profile, or that serve any other utility that in certain circumstances constitutes a threat to the individual ”(STC 292/2000, of November 30) .

-FRAUD AGAINST THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS: “.. those who, through deception or abuse of situation of need, impose labor or Social Security conditions at their service that harm, suppress or restrict the rights they have recognized by provisions legal, collective agreements or individual contract ". In other words, those who impose the situations described above on a worker will be punished with a penalty of six months to six years in prison plus a fine of six to twelve months.


“.. The Organic Law 1/2015 tries to regulate all those cases in which, without necessarily producing the explicit announcement of causing an evil, a particular threat, or without the execution of the violence that requires coercion However, behaviors occur that are repeated over time and through which, the victim's freedom and feeling of security is seriously undermined, to which he is subjected to persecutions, constant vigilance, constant calls or other acts of harassment .. ” According to a multitude of witnesses, the Administrator has “ordered” an “exhaustive vigilance and make life impossible both at work and personally to several residents of the building…”, facts that have been denounced The modus operandi of the Anrada Group is repeated in Communities and companies in the area, where its greatest asset is “good relations with City Hall officials”, a fact that is being investigated to produce possible influence traffic in one direction or another depending on the interests of this group and its represented: Administration, Advice or Accounting is in charge> the internal information of the community or company is known> failures or possible crimes are used such as pressure and blackmail against public bodies such as the Treasury or Labor Inspections.


During the last years, the Marina Mariola complex has been affected with numerous works, most of them unnecessary and with the consequent cost to owners, both economically and in the form of discomfort for months and continuously. The most serious cases to enumerate are the “reforms and rehabilitation” of the South and West facades with a cost, according to the Administration, of more than 300,000 euros each and where the real price does not reach 150,000 euros. Repaired several times in specific areas, the facades of the building have been affected for months by a major work in which 80% of the existing marble and its corresponding anchors have been restored. Unnecessary works and inconveniences on behalf of the Community and where the non-reuse of existing material is unknown.

The repair and modification of the pool has been poorly executed and poorly received, with a cost of 10,000 euros and losing about 100 liters of water daily and that, surely, must be repaired at the expense of the Community and again causing discomfort and service cuts to owners and visitors.

The inner courtyard has also undergone works and renovations during the winter months where the course of the lake has been changed. Inner courtyard that has also suffered the loss of large-scale plants and palm trees and that have been replaced by low-value plants.


For years, the Meliá Don Pepe Hotel has been systematically changing the boundaries of property that separate Marina Mariola from the hotel without any measures being carried out. Fences, planters, barriers, lawn planting on foreign land and even the installation of a paddle tennis court and the access cut that existed from our street towards the hotel. Faced with the request for separation of communities between Marina Mariola and the Jardines del Mar complex, the agreements agreed between communities and Meliá Don Pepe are unknown.

The current Governing Board has not only failed to recover the lost boundaries but they have converted the green area into a dump, parking for workers and storage of construction materials, an improper clearance of a luxury residence.




With a poor service, of low quality and with an annual cost of 130,000 euros, Interactiva continues without responding to the specifications and characteristics of a luxury complex like Marina Mariola. Despite the recent installation of cameras and surveillance systems throughout the complex, thefts have not only declined but increased in the last year. According to the National Police, INTERACTIVA company personnel are NOT qualified for viewing security cameras, let alone allowing said viewing to third parties such as porters, cleaners or gardeners, facts reported to the Authorities. One of the “modus operandi” of Interactiva workers is to simulate calls to homes to know the occupancy of the homes and if there is someone inside. Crowds of neighbors and visitors have described the Marina Mariola Security Control as "Tavern" in which all behavior is allowed. The security control (sic) of Marina Mariola continues to be the showcase for the supply and demand of real estate services, removals, cleaning, works, reforms and other undercover businesses of Anrada Administrations and community workers. Facts known to the Governing Board and permitted by them. It also proceeds to sell information and data and private information of owners for profit. Upon request or request of some of these services, workers have the order to redirect interested in buying or renting to the Administrator. Likewise, the workers have the order of exhaustive surveillance of certain persons, always indicated and indicated by the Administrator. It is important to note that the recent installation of cameras both inside and outside the complex does NOT comply with the current data protection laws, punishable installation in case of inspection and that would entail a high cost in fines on account of the Community.


* UCO "FRUIT OPERATION" in apartment 112.

* UDYCO "OPERATION AVISPA" in apartment 213.

* Detention and extradition Andreas XXX in apartment 102

- Theft in Apartment 10X February 2018

- Theft in Apartment 10X March 2018

- Theft in Apartment 10X May 2018

- Theft in Apartment 10X May 2018

- Theft in Apartment 10X May 2018

- Theft in Apartment 30X May 2018

- Theft in Apartment D-X May 2018

- Theft in Apartment D-X July 2018

- Theft in Apartment 10X January 2020

- Theft in Apartment B-X January 2020

The Administrator KNOWS the facts although he denies them in public

Faced with the wave of robberies suffered in recent months, attacks on private vehicles and sabotages in the building, neither the presidency, the Board of Directors and much less Administration, have adopted clear measures and solutions, such as the change of security company. The National Police itself points as the main suspects to the company Interactiva SL and some community workers.


Although both the Concierge service and the concierge itself have been abandoned for years, Mr. Juan Antonio Luna, in addition to lacking any preparation for the position, acceded to him because he was merely a direct family member of the Administrator Antonio Pulido. The Interactive Security service itself usually informs deliverymen, postmen and visitors of the "non-existence" of the Concierge in the complex. The Concierge is currently denounced for several crimes, to take into account crimes against privacy and data protection since it is not qualified for viewing security cameras and much less viewing recordings.

- PROFESSIONAL INTRUSISM. COVERED REAL ESTATE AGENCY, requesting from real estate agencies 5% of the rents made in the building and a 1% commission on sales. **Art. 56 Regulation of the Interior Regime Marina Mariola ** THE INTERVENTION OF THE EMPLOYEES OF THE BUILDING IN THE RENTAL OR SALE OF PROPERTY OF THE PROMOTION, WHICH IS CONSIDERING A VERY SERIOUS FAILURE, IS FULLY PROHIBITED






Francisco Sánchez, with more than 10 years in office and without any preparation, performs night work in nightclubs as a doorman. It is concealed by Administration, Concierge and Security, even giving the order "not to be disturbed" after 4:00 pm, when he dismiss to a storage room at level -3 to sleep. Qualified by Mr. Benitez as "lazy and useless," he remains in office for "the excessive cost of his dismissal." He charges two and three times for doing the same job and his priority is work outside the Community. It is common to see him doing work to third parties, cleaning, cleaning of swimming pools, maintenance or removals. Currently, Francisco Sánchez carries out maintenance activities: - Fit. 403, 404, 405, 410, 414, Low 1, Low 2, Low 5, Low 6. Currently denounced for the following crimes:


- PROFESSIONAL INTRUSISM. , requesting real estate agencies 5% of the rents made in the building and 1% commission on sales. **Art. 56 Regulation of the Interior Regime Marina Mariola ** THE INTERVENTION OF THE EMPLOYEES OF THE BUILDING IN THE RENTAL OR SALE OF PROPERTY OF THE PROMOTION IS PROHIBITED, CONSIDERING A VERY SERIOUS LACK. - CRIME AGAINST INTIMITY.



Mr. Pulido hires his own ex-wife and mother of his children to perform cleaning, information and monitoring of people within the complex. Currently investigated for alleged robberies in apartments. In the case of a luxury complex, the basic cleaning service is in a state of abandonment, especially garages, perimeter of the building, planters, changing rooms, central garden, dome, carpets and sofas in the entrance area.


In the last year, a total of 10 large palm trees have been lost in the building, not being substituted or in some cases replaced by low-cost plants, especially the Central Garden.



Although the promoter Marina Mariola SL was sentenced to the payment of 3,000,000 euros for alleged construction pathologies, its acceptance to the payment of this amount is unknown as the vast majority of them were easily appealable. From the report and complaint presented by Bureau Veritas and Luciano Huelga and subsequent condemnation of Marina Mariola SL to the payment of the alleged defects, none of the actions for which the promoter was convicted has been carried out, redirecting those funds to works and “improvements” in building. Obviously, the beneficiaries of the execution of unnecessary works are the Administration and the different Boards of Directors that have carried out unnecessary works in the complex. Today, former President Luciano Huelga, who even sold his property in the complex, continues to demand financial compensation for the payment made to Marina Mariola SL.


Despite the unsuccessful attempt by some members of the Community to prohibit vacation rentals, they have continued over the past year for allegations made by some owners who have considered such an attempted ban as an affront to individual freedoms.

For the second consecutive year, this activity is prohibited, although a large part of the owners continue to carry out this activity. The attempt of prohibition is curious because some owners and members of the Board have made and continue to make these types of rentals:

- Antonio Pulido: 416

- Gianni Milioni: B 5

- Alberto López: 312

- Carlos Benítez: D-2, D-4, D-5.

Community workers also continue to offer vacation rentals and charge commissions for it. Both the Administration, the presidency, and members of the Governing Board show concern about the “taxation and accounting” of these rentals, a matter totally foreign to them, however practically all of them have offshore accounts and / or properties abroad:

- Antonio Pulido / Grupo Anrada> Panama.

- Carlos Benítez> Switzerland.

- Alberto López> United States.

- Ricardo Vilas> Switzerland.

Holiday rentals are considered problematic when the reality is that the problems come from the hand of the administration and owners.

Grupo ANRADA in Marina Mariola