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Whether you want a domestic cleaner for your home, house or flat we’ve got just the cleaner for you. With Marina you can book yourself a Marbella cleaner; for a one-off, weekly or fortnightly clean. We’ll take care of the cleaning so you can free up your time for the things you’d rather be doing instead.

We specialise in providing professional cleaning services for residential properties.

We pride ourselves on offering a deluxe cleaning service, which can be tailored to cater specifically to your requirements.

We understand that our customers are discerning and expect a highly personalised service. We ensure that each and every cleaning request is carried out to exacting standards and with meticulous attention to detail.

The cleaning services we offer are wide-ranging. From a one-off spring clean to regular weekly cleans, whatever your requirements, we are more than capable of accomplishing your specific needs

- Offer your property for rent, holiday rental or sale in Marina free and at no cost.

- We can evaluate your home without compromise when it comes to sell, make a long term rental or take an extra return on their investment making us Vacation Rentals.

- Perform full maintenance of properties for both occupied dwellings, rented or tracking cases only be occupied during holiday periods, avoid surprises.

We develop renovation work, major reforms and comprehensive design and decoration work, ask quote. If you just purchased a new house unfurnished or want to redesign the home you already own, our team of designers to accommodate your needs and concerns with maximum efficiency, dedication and professionalism.

Design focused on enhancing sale or rent:

If you just purchased a new property in Marbella for investment, and want to offer it for rent or sale, make sure you get the most out of your home. It is proved that a house decorated by professional attracts a larger number of potential customers. Stand out from all the properties for rent and sale is one of the cornerstones to make your investment a success.

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